EndoShield Progress


EndoShield 1.2 has been released due to yet another bug. In all versions prior to 1.2, all ports higher than 1024 have been fully available to any other machine via a TCP/IP connection. Why? Because I forgot to remove two lines from the script, and forgot to add to lines. However, this has now been sorted. Other new features are Samba over a WAN, and iptables connection tracking has been utilised. "Ipchains?"  I hear you cry.... sorry, not yet, this *will* be in the next version, and this will be released by 01/09/01.


EndoShield 1.1 has been released due to a major bug in 1.0. IP masquerading is now working, the problem was with ip forwarding not being enabled in some kernels, however the script now enables it and the internet connection option is working as it should be.


EndoShield has been released ahead of schedule! EndoShield 1.0, the first full version of endoshield is currently up, released, and ready to download. The fact is though, it is still iptables only, because I havent fully tested my ipchains part of the script yet... apologies to those waiting for the ipchains version! ipchains will definetly be in the next release, as well as loads of other options and features, check http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/endoshield for more info.


EndoShield is currently in Beta version, it still needs the ipchains part added to the script, and still needs lots more options in the configuration part of the script. These should all be added by the 27/07/01, when the first full version of endoshield will be released.